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Quickly create new spreads with Dynamic Spreads Deck. A set of 105 cards, each with 1 or more positions to be used with any Tarot or Oracle deck. Includes a book with ideas for using it. 

An example on creating a spread

BK Reichle

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

How a couple, going through relationship problems, knowing nothing about Tarot or Oracles (and no desire to learn), can use a system like this. 

Someone asked me if Dynamic Spreads could help her friends with their rocky marriage. It would certainly be worth a try, I said.

I have a section of cards called Group Interactions, that help address issues between people. But then they would need a Tarot or Oracle deck to use with them. 

I thought an Oracle deck  may be easier for a first timer. And I wanted to select something that wasn’t too “new agey”. I recommended they try the Sustain Yourself oracle deck from James Wanless.   

Right. So let’s see how this could work.  We’ll assume Jack and Jill is the couple in question.  Jack choose a time to do this when he was calm, cool and collected. (Later, Jill will choose a time and place to do the same exercise - perhaps with the same set of Dynamic Spread Cards).

Jack grabs the Dynamic Spreads Deck and selects the cards from the section called “Group Interaction”. He randomly picks two of them. Then chooses 1 card from the Conclusion group.  He lays out those positions on the table. Next he grabs the Oracle deck and randomly selects one card for each position (question). 

Now he does the reading. Under the position “How I contributed to the situation” (why they are considering to get a divorce) is the card called Footprints.  He thinks… “WHAT?”  what does footprints have to do with anything.   <Chill Jack, read the book>  

Jack looks at the book that comes with the Oracle deck and sees that it talks about how footprints come from someplace, and are leading to another. How it’s about the sands of time, legacy, your ancestors, etc.   He puts the book down, realizing that there is a lot of family history and patterns of behavior that he learned from his father. Holy crap. He is behaving like his father and sees patterns that he hadn’t wanted to notice before. (And yet, he swore he would never be like his father.)

—-We won’t go through each position.  We’ll skip to General Advice.—-

Under the position General Advice is the card called Silicon. Again, Jack wonders what Silicon has to do with anything. But after reading the book, his mind is filled with ideas (and hope). The book talks about how Silicon is  the second most prevalent element in the earth after oxygen. Looking to the common and to the nano. What’s right under your feet. Small is mighty, the book says. Jack had been thinking Jill wanted some monumental shift in who he was and how he behaved - if Jill was to be happy with him. Here, the advice is about looking at the small mundane aspects of their relationship. Thinking of those small things as sand and how shifting sands can result in big shifts. Maybe he just needed to put some effort into a few tiny changes first, and then build on that. 

[Dynamic Spreads Deck by BK Reichle and Sustain Yourself by James Wanless, PHD]