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#DailySelfie: A twist on the daily Tarot reading

BK Reichle

Woke up this morning knowing I had a huge todo list and felt like attacking it like a bull. Grabbed my coffee, and allowed myself a little time to wake up properly (coffee in hand). 

Decided to do my daily #SelfieReading :)  Instead of just pulling a Tarot card and asking what I most needed to know for today, I pulled a Spread card by random and let IT help determine the scope of what would be helpful for the day.

  1. Grabbed my Dynamics Spread Deck and pulled out the cards from each category
  2. Picked (at random), something from Explore - Considerations. 
  3. Shuffled the Explore - Consideration cards and picked one at random: Middle ground/Synthesis

Hmm… interesting. Normally this is a great position when you have two contrasting points of view and are looking at options for how to find a middle ground that will work best.  So I decided to pull two tarot cards to represent these two opposing views.

4. Shuffled the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, and selected two cards at random :  The Magician and Five of Swords.

5. Performed the reading

The Magician can speak of manifesting and transforming ideas and thoughts into something tangible in the real world. In Kat’s Magician cards, we see many animals. It spoke to me about all the to-do items I wanted to manifest today. Not only multiple projects, but areas within those projects that included tasks I had never had to perform before. 

On the other end of the spectrum was the Five of Swords. Typically I think of this card with the phrase “at what cost”. In the Rider Waite Smith deck, I see a man who has more swords than the others, as if a game had been played. He “has all the marbles”, but nobody wants to play with him any more. He won, but “at what cost”?  In Kat’s version of the card, the man has that “game over” face. What do I do now, he seems to say. 

Somewhere between attacking my to-do list like a crazy person, and game-over mental exhaustion is my advice for the day. More specifically, I see it as a caution against the putting too much emphasis on the big projects (the ones requiring the most amount of inner Magician) and working on the more mundane tasks too.

With this advice, I hope to feel a better sense of accomplishment at the end of the day than I would have, if I had approached it like I was originally planning!