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Randomly selected Spread, has a message for you

BK Reichle

Message for the summer.jpg

The Advice:

During the course of this summer, pay attention to how you allot your me-time, and what you do with it. Don’t feel guilty because you feel there isn’t enough time just for yourself. Life is busy and filled with commitments. That’s OK. The advice has a focus on intellectual pursuits.  Whether that’s time spent reading, blogging about your well-earned wisdom, etc.  The important thing, is to plan ahead for how much time is reasonable to set aside and then look at what you would like to accomplish with that it.  

While setting the boundaries for me-time over a busy summer requires some flexibility, consider taking a weekly perspective instead of a daily one. Make sure you’re setting aside the time you need so that the end of the week you feel satisfied. Don’t let those that might want to guilt you into having you for themselves. Being flexible while maintaining a firm commitment is a balancing act. If you pay attention, you’ll start to know when flexibility vs firmness with your personal commitments is required.  

Think about the results you like to have once the summer has ended. Then plan how to navigate towards those results, spending your time wisely.

Read on, if you want to understand how this advise was uncovered from the cards. 

Creating the Spread:

All the spread positions where picked randomly. To determine the focus of the reading, I shuffled the Theme positions, cut the deck and put the top card down on the table -  "Area of life in need of attention” is what came up.  

As the summer has just begun, I thought it would be interesting to confine the reading to the season.  The Time Period card sets the intention and stands as a reminder. I looked for the This Summer card, and placed it next to the Theme. 

If we're looking to uncover where our lives need attention, I thought a good place to start was by pulling a position from the cards that address internal exploration, Explore - Me. After shuffling them, the randomly pulled card was “My Perception / The Reality”.

So now our theme position is established and we have positions comparing and contrasting what we think needs to be done versus what really needs to be done.  To round out the spread, I thought it would be helpful to choose an action that would help set us on the right path. 

From the category Explore - Actions, I randomly pulled “Do / Don’t Do". 

I could have added more positions, but this felt right. Just enough. 


Doing the reading:

Area of life in need of attention: The Hermit:

The Hermit is shown here walking away from the village, carrying his light of wisdom. In the context of the position “Area of life in need of attention”. We see this is about the time we spend alone and away from the people and commitments of daily life. The Hermit is an archetype that has gathered the knowledge of a very wise person. He shines a light to illuminate this wisdom for those who wish to seek it. When we put this all together, we see that this message is about the need to focus on some alone time, with the goal of self improvement or seeking wisdom in some way.

My perception: 4 of coins

The perception for the area of life in need of attention is that of not having enough time. You feel there is never enough time for your pursuits that require this free time and life has dealt you conditions where this free time feels stingy. 

The reality: Justice

Justice is telling us that while it may not feel like you have enough time for yourself, you actually do. And you have the power to also make more time if that’s needed. The problem lies more with how judicious you are with what you do with that free time. 

Do: King of Swords

Th King of Swords is ethical, analytical and very fair. Embody this energy, and when life feels chaotic, you can cut through this confusion and bring clarity to the situation. This mindset will allow you to find the right balance for setting aside your me-time as well as defending the constant life intrusions that might want to thwart your efforts in a way that’s fair for all. With this approach, you’ll know when it’s fair to be flexible vs being firm with your personal commitments.

Don’t do: Queen of cups

Do you see how the queen seems to be offering a cup to the king. But he is clearly showing he’s not going to accept. Don’t allow others to guilt you into stealing away the time you need for yourself. Take the authority of the King of Swords - assess the situation with a calm mind and do what’s right.

Tarot Deck: The Deck of the Bastard by TarotbySeven

Spread Deck: Dynamic Spreads Deck by BK Reichle