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Random spread positions can spark a thrill

BK Reichle

They come to you miserable and unhappy, and ask for a quicky reading. You use the 3 position spread:  Past, Present, Future.  The card you pull in the center is the 3 of swords (heart pierced by 3 swords), the quintessential card for heartbreak and feeling crappy. The person you're reading for is like... yah, I'm miserable. Tell me something I don't know.  As the reader, you are inwardly still tickled that out of all the cards that could have randomly appeared in this position, it was the PERFECT card to describe their present feelings.  

Today, I received the same kind of thrill, at my randomly selected spread positions.

I grabbed the theme cards, shuffled. As I was doing so, I remembered that it's probably better if I had removed any cards with fill in the blank positions when randomly selecting them. And wouldn't you know, I pulled:   A Situation ___________

I was going to re-do my selection when I realized the last 48 hours I was consumed by a bunch of options. Which option do I choose in order to move forward? Which option won't thwart my desire to be  "perfect" at it.  (The trap of perfectionism can be debilitating.)  So this became my first position:   A Situation:   Confusions - too many options 

To round out the spread, I grabbed the Explore - Actions cards, shuffled, and pulled  DO: First Priority  |   Do: Second Priority.  These positions felt like the perfect compliment to the Theme card.

And the reading was insightful. The Chariot fell under the Theme card. It was telling me that I needed to pick up the pace. You can't move forward if you're not moving. If the horses go off in different directions, the Chariot won't move anywhere.  Bring the desire of moving forward (one horse) in alignment with the action of making a selection (the other horse) and stop obsessing on which one is the best. 

On the top left, the Magician is capitalizing on the Chariots message. Manifest. Do. Make it happen. Bring forth. While the second priority is to engage the mind and assess. In other words, in the words of a famous ad campaign "Just do it" as the first priority. Let go of the perfection. After it's done and manifested, I can later engage my mind and learn/improve. 

Great way to start my day.


Tarot deck: The Druidcraft Tarot  (borders trimmed off)  by Philip Carr-Gomm, Stephanie Carr-Gomm and Will Worthington

Spread deck: The Dynamic Spreads Deck, by BK Reichle

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