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Quickly create new spreads with Dynamic Spreads Deck. A set of 105 cards, each with 1 or more positions to be used with any Tarot or Oracle deck. Includes a book with ideas for using it. 

#DailySelfie: A twist on the daily Tarot reading

BK Reichle

Woke up this morning knowing I had a huge todo list and felt like attacking it like a bull. Grabbed my coffee, and allowed myself a little time to wake up properly (coffee in hand). 

Decided to do my daily #SelfieReading :)  Instead of just pulling a Tarot card and asking what I most needed to know for today, I pulled a Spread card by random and let IT help determine the scope of what would be helpful for the day.

  1. Grabbed my Dynamics Spread Deck and pulled out the cards from each category
  2. Picked (at random), something from Explore - Considerations. 
  3. Shuffled the Explore - Consideration cards and picked one at random: Middle ground/Synthesis

Hmm… interesting. Normally this is a great position when you have two contrasting points of view and are looking at options for how to find a middle ground that will work best.  So I decided to pull two tarot cards to represent these two opposing views.

4. Shuffled the Golden Tarot by Kat Black, and selected two cards at random :  The Magician and Five of Swords.

5. Performed the reading

The Magician can speak of manifesting and transforming ideas and thoughts into something tangible in the real world. In Kat’s Magician cards, we see many animals. It spoke to me about all the to-do items I wanted to manifest today. Not only multiple projects, but areas within those projects that included tasks I had never had to perform before. 

On the other end of the spectrum was the Five of Swords. Typically I think of this card with the phrase “at what cost”. In the Rider Waite Smith deck, I see a man who has more swords than the others, as if a game had been played. He “has all the marbles”, but nobody wants to play with him any more. He won, but “at what cost”?  In Kat’s version of the card, the man has that “game over” face. What do I do now, he seems to say. 

Somewhere between attacking my to-do list like a crazy person, and game-over mental exhaustion is my advice for the day. More specifically, I see it as a caution against the putting too much emphasis on the big projects (the ones requiring the most amount of inner Magician) and working on the more mundane tasks too.

With this advice, I hope to feel a better sense of accomplishment at the end of the day than I would have, if I had approached it like I was originally planning!

Communication between Siblings: Tea-Cup Party vs Democrat

BK Reichle

They were siblings, and had difficulties in their cross-state phone conversations. She was a tea-cup party member and he was a staunch democrat. While they had agreed not to discuss politics, and most conversations were civil, it sometimes came up in rather indirect ways. Once it reared its ugly heard, they went to battle.

Communication: The Moon
As the central theme for this reading, the Moon was an interesting one to appear. We see two animals barking (how appropriate). Like the reflecting sunlight given off by the moon, the siblings mirror each other in their unwavering viewpoints. Sometimes navigating through the Moon card is dangerous. There is a path that can take you from this murky land out into the sunlight, but it’s easy to get lost. Lost forever. And so this card also indicates that their communication issues could take them to a place of where they no longer loving siblings, but two people lost to each other.

Want / Need:   Knight of Swords  / Queen of Swords
Again, very interesting. Both cards are swords (intellect, communication), and the Knight and Queen have their backs to each other, facing away in opposing directions - also symbolic of the situation. 

This is his reading, so we bring these cards into the context of each position based on his perspective.  Want: The Knight is like the man in college who has lot of energy around his convictions and feels that if only people saw the light, they would all agree with him. Life feels a bit more black and white for him.  Need: The Queen is older than the knight. Whereas the Page and Knight run about, engaging with others anywhere in the Kingdom, the Queen and King sit in their chair and allow others to come to them. And here in this card, we also see the Queen poised to stand up at any given moment.  While he Wants to actively engage her, he Needs to do the opposite. This is not about waiting and letting the argument come to him, it’s more about being wise enough to know that nothing good comes from these arguments and he should sit with his political positions and not go out and trounce them on her.

Notice This: Strength
Tarot is suggesting that he notice when his lower self is getting the best of him. It’s this lower self that wants to prove his point. To open his mouth and bark at her. Be wiser like the queen. Notice these feelings, but don’t act on them.

What to do about it: 3 of swords
All of the minor arcana cards are swords.  The 3 of swords can speak about the emotional suffering we experience when our minds focus on the negative. This particular image shows a heart against a tree - as if it’s a target and the swords are the arrows trying to piece the very center. The position “What to do about it” is meant to give guidance when we “Notice This”.  When he feels his lower self wanting to verbally pounce on his sister, this position asks that he uses the strength of mind (swords) to pierce the the lower base feelings. It’s as if we can see the Queen of wands (sword raised) flinging it at the center of the heart. 

In Summary:
All the cards provide a unified message and resonated with him. He realized that there was no good that could come from having these discussions and painfully recognized that they were really two sides of the same coin (unwavering in their sense of what they each perceived as right vs wrong). Tarot was not providing guidance on how he could convince her that she was “an idiot” (his words). Instead, it was about taking a mature approach that would help him rise above his knee-jerk reactions when the topic inadvertently came up. Squelch the rising emotions before they bubble up resulting in his mouth opening and saying things he would regret. Next, we could have done a separate reading on techniques to help him, but he said he had a decent meditation practice that allows him to have calmer days. He felt he could add this to his meditation practice. 

(Tarot deck shown: The Prairie Tarot, by Robin Ator) 

An example on creating a spread

BK Reichle

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

How a couple, going through relationship problems, knowing nothing about Tarot or Oracles (and no desire to learn), can use a system like this. 

Someone asked me if Dynamic Spreads could help her friends with their rocky marriage. It would certainly be worth a try, I said.

I have a section of cards called Group Interactions, that help address issues between people. But then they would need a Tarot or Oracle deck to use with them. 

I thought an Oracle deck  may be easier for a first timer. And I wanted to select something that wasn’t too “new agey”. I recommended they try the Sustain Yourself oracle deck from James Wanless.   

Right. So let’s see how this could work.  We’ll assume Jack and Jill is the couple in question.  Jack choose a time to do this when he was calm, cool and collected. (Later, Jill will choose a time and place to do the same exercise - perhaps with the same set of Dynamic Spread Cards).

Jack grabs the Dynamic Spreads Deck and selects the cards from the section called “Group Interaction”. He randomly picks two of them. Then chooses 1 card from the Conclusion group.  He lays out those positions on the table. Next he grabs the Oracle deck and randomly selects one card for each position (question). 

Now he does the reading. Under the position “How I contributed to the situation” (why they are considering to get a divorce) is the card called Footprints.  He thinks… “WHAT?”  what does footprints have to do with anything.   <Chill Jack, read the book>  

Jack looks at the book that comes with the Oracle deck and sees that it talks about how footprints come from someplace, and are leading to another. How it’s about the sands of time, legacy, your ancestors, etc.   He puts the book down, realizing that there is a lot of family history and patterns of behavior that he learned from his father. Holy crap. He is behaving like his father and sees patterns that he hadn’t wanted to notice before. (And yet, he swore he would never be like his father.)

—-We won’t go through each position.  We’ll skip to General Advice.—-

Under the position General Advice is the card called Silicon. Again, Jack wonders what Silicon has to do with anything. But after reading the book, his mind is filled with ideas (and hope). The book talks about how Silicon is  the second most prevalent element in the earth after oxygen. Looking to the common and to the nano. What’s right under your feet. Small is mighty, the book says. Jack had been thinking Jill wanted some monumental shift in who he was and how he behaved - if Jill was to be happy with him. Here, the advice is about looking at the small mundane aspects of their relationship. Thinking of those small things as sand and how shifting sands can result in big shifts. Maybe he just needed to put some effort into a few tiny changes first, and then build on that. 

[Dynamic Spreads Deck by BK Reichle and Sustain Yourself by James Wanless, PHD]