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Quickly create new spreads with Dynamic Spreads Deck. A set of 105 cards, each with 1 or more positions to be used with any Tarot or Oracle deck. Includes a book with ideas for using it. 

Make quick custom spreads for deep focused readings

Unlock and explore your mind’s questions while spurring new creative ideas and insights within your practice. (Tarot deck not included)

Get started today and begin to confidently navigate the complexities of life.

Look at life's event from many different angles, better yourself through self-reflection and improve how you communicate with those closest to you.

The Dynamic Spreads Deck comes with a set of 105 full-size cards, organized by categories.
Each card has one, or two spread positions identified on the card.

The Dynamic Spreads offers a broad range of possibilities that can allow you to take a proactive look at your life.

You'll be amazed at how looking at your reading from a different angle can open up your mind to whole new set of solutions.

Shown with
The Alchemical Tarot
by Robert Place
(Tarot deck not included)

The Dynamic Spreads Deck contains everything you'll need to create spreads that are tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Included is a set of 105 full-sized cards, organized by categories, that will help you quickly get to the heart of the matter and gain a deeper understanding from your readings.

Each deck is separated into six categories, each separated by tabbed dividers for quick and easy identification. Each card has one or two spread positions that will allow you to create a custom spread. Also included are half-sized cards that provide clarity and guidance around a reading's time frame and choices of actions.

In addition, the deck includes a 50-page booklet and guide, as well as a set of sticky notes used to maintain clarity and capture specifics for fill-in-the-blank positions. The underside of the deck's lid has a small, flexible loop to store your pen.

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"Wow, the readings using this spread deck are scary in their focus and clarity. One of the ways I use it is to randomly pick a "Theme" card and then choose spread cards to pinpoint what I really need to know. In this way I receive questions I never thought to ask (and the answers to them!). This results in amazingly enlightening readings. I am blown away by the usefulness of this deck as a tool for deep personal exploration. Absolutely love it!"

Chea Maria, Professional Tarot Reader and Astrologer


"When powerfully paired with creativity cards like the "Whack Pack" and "Innovative Whack Pack," the Dynamic Spreads Deck is easily used as both a deep meditative device and a thought-provoking business tool. This is not just a creative strategy concept - this is a deck that fabulously forces you (and thankfully so) to think about those things we really all should be thinking about on a daily basis."

Scott Grossberg, Lawyer, author, creator of the Deck of Shadows


"I think clients often intuitively know what they need, so going through the cards with them to create a spread, as a therapist, was a good experience."

Andy Matzner, Licensed clinical social worker, author of The Tarot Activity Book: A Collection of Creative and Therapeutic Ideas for the Cards